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Round 05 / Challenge 10!

Information for Round 05/ Challenge 10 is under the cut and entries are due on Saturday, February 18th at Midnight EST.

The Middle Ages was the birth of heraldry as we know it. In fact it became a developed discipline that English cleric Nicholas Upton dedicated 2 full sections of his De Studio Militari on the colors and symbolms used in heraldry.

For our final challenge, you will make a coat of arms for either yourself OR a character that does not have a coat of arms (keep in the mind the theme of the challenge is the Middle Ages. For a coat of arms yourself think about what you'd be in the Middle Ages or what aspect of the Middle Ages inspires you, etc).

Here's a gallery of Heraldry Clipart (there are over 61 pages) you can use.

For a list of what symbols mean and colors look here.

Feel free to add a motto or create your own (not required). I've supplied a basic coat template you can use, but feel free to create your own. Be as creative as possible. If you make a coat of arms for a character let me know who it's for.


Dimensions: no larger than 470x470.

01. Any symbol is allowed
02. Submit 1 coat of arm
03. Submit your entry to this post.
04. Please submit your icon with img src and url format.
05. Textures, brushes, blending, etc. are allowed. Animation is not allowed.
06. Coat of Arms must not be posted or shown anywhere until results are posted.
07. Sign-ups are closed only participants may enter. Check the participant entry.
08. Any questions-please ask.
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