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Round 05 Winners!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Round 5. Banners are under the cut for the 4 final top score holders and there is a Participant Banner for everyone. Please let me know when you pick up your banner. If you see a mistake let me know that as well and I'll fix it.

Congratulations to everyone! You are all winners!

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GOT: Bday Robb-please don't take

Challenge 10 Results!

Results for Challenge 10 are under the cut-thanks to everyone who entered and voted.

Points will updated shortly as well as the final tally and winners will be announced soon. Please note: 5 additional points were awarded for entering along with the 1 point for a total of 6 points and as per past final challenges the special categories were worth 4 points each.

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Round 05: Challenge 10 Voting!

We have 6 gorgeous coat of arms. A HUGE thank you everyone who entered. I know it was a difficult challenge and I appreciate you taking the time to submit. I've given everyone who submitted an extra 5 points in addition to the 1 point for entering for a total of 6 points.

Voting for Challenge 10 is under the cut and will last until Tuesday, Feb. 28th Midnight EST. No voting for yourself, getting friends to vote for you, or otherwise manipulate the poll by cheating.

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GOT: Bday Robb-please don't take

Challenge 10 Final Reminder!

Entries for our final challenge are due tonight at Midnight EST, however; I'll be stepping out to attend a lecture and dinner party so I might not exactly be home at the time entries are due. Submitting will remain open until you see the words "closed." Please submit here. Thank you!
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Challenge 10 Reminder!

A friendly reminder that entries for our final challenge are due this Saturday at Midnight EST. We have ZERO entries. I'm willing to allow some flexibility in the challenge. If you want to do a tumblr type banner while creating the coat of arms that's okay. You can use an image of a character if you want, etc. I'm open. It is a different challenge than we usually come across so each participant that submits I'll assign an extra 5-10 points depending on the number of entries.

Please submit here.