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Round 05 Winners!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Round 5. Banners are under the cut for the 4 final top score holders and there is a Participant Banner for everyone. Please let me know when you pick up your banner. If you see a mistake let me know that as well and I'll fix it.

Congratulations to everyone! You are all winners!

I hope you don't mind them being this big. The final tally has been updated.

First Place light_ofmy_life with 67 points

First Place visionsbeyond with 67 points

Second Place kolibrichen with 57 points

Third Place birdienl with 45 points

Fourth Place gribouille with 41 points

Fourth Place lover_of_narnia with 41 points

For Round 5 Participants

If you are interested in trying out a lims, costumelims has opened Round 06. Any skill level is welcome to join and participate. Click on the banner to sign-up.
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